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With annual eye exams, you can stay on top of your prescription needs and make sure that your eyewear is up-to-date. Glasses are often the first type of prescription lenses people with vision impairments are prescribed with, but contact lenses are another option. If you’re looking to get contacts, then you can visit our Brandon eye shop, Optical Outlets, to have your vision tested in to see whether contact lenses are right for you.

If you already wear glasses, then you’ll still need to have a separate contact lens exam and fitting conducted. First of all, it’s important to make sure whether you can wear contacts at all. Certain conditions, whether they be present infections or chronic allergies and other conditions, may prevent you from wearing contacts comfortably or healthily. This needs to be determined first, and from there, if all is well then you can move onto the rest of your contact lens exam or your prescription will be determined and any other measurements will be taken. Using information gathered during this exam, one of our opticians here at Optical Outlets will determine exactly what your contact lens needs happen to be and how that will dictate which type and brand of lenses you should choose from. From here, once your prescription is verified, we can show you our selection of contact lenses in our Brandon eye shop. The contact lens fitting will allow you to sample a variety of different lenses we have in stock while also being able to learn how to take care of your contacts, as well as put them in and take them out safely.

Wearing contacts can be convenient and preferable for some people, but you need an exam in the fitting before doing so. Even if you’re simply refilling your supply of contact lenses, it’s highly recommended that you have your eyes checked, your vision verified, and anything else completed before getting contacts you need. If you’re looking to get contact lenses at a Brandon eye shop, then visit us here at Optical Outlets today.

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