Brandon Kids Eyewear

Kids Eyewear in Brandon

At Optical Outlets, we offer the best in children’s eye exams and recommend kids come in at least once a year to have their vision checked and to have their Brandon kids eyewear updated if needed. Children should have their eyes checked starting at a young age, at least once as an infant, and again before they enter school.

Brandon Kids Eyewear

Eye exams for kids are crucial to learning in school. Many school aged children are known to have vision problems, and eye conditions like near or farsightedness are often genetic. If diagnosed early, these problems are much easier to treat before they get worse or cause damage. Babies should have their eyes checked at 6 months old, while having another annual exam at or by age 3 and another no later than age 5. Once the child enters school and no vision problems have been detected, a vision exam is recommended at least once every two years. If we find that your child needs contact lenses or Brandon kids eyewear, we will recommend that they have their eyes examined more regularly. A vision test will check your child’s near vision, distant vision, test for their focusing skills and their hand-eye coordination. Most states require children to have a vision exam before entering school.

If needed, we will prescribe Brandon kids eyewear for your child and then help them pick out a fun and unique frame just for them, a pair that they’ll be excited to wear. It’s important that your child enjoy their glasses so that they’ll want to wear them more often, and not lose them or take them off. Ask our staff to help you find the best glasses for children and for any advice about our types of eyeglasses that are designed just for kids. Our glasses are durable and sturdy, making them a perfect choice for children.


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