Contact lenses in Brandon

Contact Lenses in Brandon

Contact lenses in Brandon

Millions of people live with vision impairments that prevent them from seeing with perfect 20/20 vision – but with glasses and contacts, anyone can see well and look great. Here at Optical Outlets, we offer a wide range of optical goods and services for everyone in the family. If you happen to be in the market for contact lenses in Brandon, we can make sure that you get the contact lens exam you need and that we find the perfect lenses for your needs as well.

People of all ages should see their eye doctor once a year for a comprehensive exam and a checkup. For people who wear contacts, this routine visit is often more concrete. This is because it is recommended that patients who wear contacts renew their prescription every year before purchasing more lenses. This is to ensure that your eyes are still healthy enough to wear contacts, that your prescription is up to date with your specific vision needs, and that you are wearing the right lenses for your vision type. There are several types of contact lenses, often falling into two main categories – soft and rigid gas permeable. Soft lenses are the most common, and they can be used for dailies, weekly or bi-weekly lenses, or even colored lenses. Rigid gas permeable lenses last much longer and need to be maintained, but they tend to be a better option for people with issues like astigmatism and are less likely to cause infection. Here at Optical Outlets, we walk you through the entire process and make sure that you come to a decision that makes the most sense for you. When it comes to contact lenses in Brandon, our optometrists can make sure that you get the most accurate prescription and can also provide recommendations for lenses based on your vision type.

With over 40 locations throughout Florida state, you can visit any one of our offices and expect the same care and services, just visit whichever one is most convenient for you. If you need contact lenses in Brandon, visit us at the Plaza at Brandon Town Center or visit our Bloomington Square location for the vision care you need.

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