Eye Exam 33511

Eye Exam in Brandon

Our team of professionals at Optical Outlets is dedicated to giving you comprehensive eye care that includes ensuring that you experience optimal vision and also that the effects of common eye diseases are not causing you any problems. This is why we recommend our eye exam in 33511 on an annual basis.


Eye Exam 33511

Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can all leave your eyesight compromised. Or you have may two or even all there of these vision issues. The simple truth is that your eyesight needs change over time. If you have never worn eyeglasses or contact lenses before, this might be the perfect time for you to benefit from them. And even if you do wear corrective lenses, that doesn’t mean your current prescription is the right one for you now. Sometimes an updated pari of eyeglasses or contacts can make all the difference between decent vision and excellent vision. Our eye exam in 33511 involves a variety of tests, such as having you read from an eye chart, gauging your side-to-side (peripheral) eyesight, and testing you with various lenses. Which reminds us, don’t forget to bring in your existing eyeglasses or contacts if you have them.

Glaucoma and cataracts can affect anyone at any age. Along with other applicable eye diseases, such as macular degeneration for those over 40, and diabetic retinopathy if you have type one or type two diabetes, our eye exam in 33511 screens you for any indications. Why is this so vital? Because most eye diseases don’t have any symptoms to warn you in their early stages. This means that you could develop an eye disease, and it can progress without you being aware until obvious vision loss or damage to your eye has occurred. These effects might not be reversible, so it is easy to understand the importance of early detection, which is so closely linked to the most positive outcomes for eye disease.

We make it easy on you. Just call us and schedule a convenient time for our eye exam in 33511. Protecting your eyes and supporting your optimal vision are two great reasons to do so. Oh, and as a side benefit, the blood vessels in your eyes can also offer valuable clues to diagnosing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.


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