Pediatric Optometrist in Brandon FL

Pediatric Optometrist in 33511


Pediatric Optometrist in Brandon FL

Getting your child to the doctor’s office- any doctor- isn’t always an easy task. Here at Optical Outlets, though, it’s a pleasant experience without anything to fear. Your child can relax and avoid any anxiety when being examined by our pediatric optometrist in Brandon FL. The important thing is to be prepared. Our eye doctor will explain to your child what is about to happen and why it’s being done. It is also very helpful if you put your child’s mind to ease prior to our eye exam for kids. Assure her or him that there is no pain to worry about at our optical office. But do let him or her know that some tests do require the administering of eye drops, which might sting a little bit. It’s a good idea for your child to know that ahead of time, because it’s not that big a deal.

Our eye exams for kids include both a checkup of various parts of your child’s eyes, and a visual acuity test that determines if he or she needs corrective lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or some combination of those vision issues. Our pediatric optometrist in Brandon FL will also screen her or him for common eye diseases and conditions that can affect kids. Among them are drooping eyelid, lazy eye, and double vision. Indications for cataracts and glaucoma will also be tested for. Yes, those diseases are more associated with older people, but they are not unheard of in children. And since both of those have no obvious symptoms in their early stages, it is essential to err on the side of caution, and early detection, which greatly improves the odds for successful treatment.

When it comes to visual acuity, our pediatric optometrist in Brandon FL will have your child read from an eye chart. If he or she is not old enough to read, the tumbling E game can be used. It’s every effective, presenting a series of E’s that your child will identify as pointing either to the right or to the left. Should your child need prescription eyeglasses, we have an impressive array of frames to choose from and the lenses will be made right here by our optician.


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